free summer activities

Photo: Joyce Lee

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1. Fine-Tune Your Cannonball

"If you don't know how to do one yet, you're about to learn from the best. First, make sure your runway—on the diving board or near the pool's deep end—isn't too slippery. Then start running, and once you reach the end of the board or deck, jump up and out. You're flying! When you're in midair, bring your knees to your chest with your arms tight around them, and tuck in your chin. Yell 'Cannonball!' Now comes the splash. Be ready, because it's a tidal wave. When you get back to the surface, swim to the edge to see how many people got wet." — 9-year-old Paige Dohan, diver since age 4

2. Kick Off Your Shoes

Get your pedi ready: A 2015 report in the Journal of Inflammation Research suggests that skin-to-earth contact might reduce inflammation throughout the body via increased exposure to antioxidants.

3. Give Old Denim New Life (Rainy Day-Approved!)

A crib sheet to cutoffs:

Choose the right pair: Don't cut skinny jeans—they're not going to stretch enough for a comfortable fit. Boyfriend jeans are better because they're a little baggy. Start long to keep from going too short on your first cut; extra length allows for cuffing. Cut from the outside in, keeping the back a smidge longer than the front for a more natural fit. Check your work: After cutting one leg, try on the jeans to assess length. Tweak if necessary. Cut other leg: Fold legs together and do the same cut to the other leg. Add a slit: When you're satisfied with your handiwork, cut a small slit along the outside seams, so your legs won't feel squished.